A die-hard supporter of the Made in America movement

A die-hard supporter of the Made in America movement, Nanette Lepore recently moved the production of her shoe line to California. Time spent on the West Coast—and the personal style of popular Los Angeles–based fashion bloggers Shea Marie and Aimee Song—inspired her Venice Beach-themed Resort collection. “There”s such a creative spirit out there,” she said. “But those It girls, no matter how relaxed they seem, are very invested in their look.”

To outfit her muses, Lepore used lots of blue: cobalt-accented china patterns on swimwear and A-line dresses, a heat-embossed navy knit skirt suit, and a veiling of what looked like berry-colored spray paint over a digital floral. But it was all “grounded in black,” the basis for most wardrobes—even those of California girls. Lace overlay pieces offered a bit of that trademark Lepore romanticism. And a dark denim peplum shell and matching below-the-knee pencil skirt were cool. A knit fuchsia dress in a very traditional short-sleeve, A-line shape looked a little fuddy-duddy amid the rest of the collection, though, and the patchwork baby doll took the patchwork too far, even if the shape was fresh. There”s no doubting, however, that Lepore”s beloved fashion bloggers will be into the brunt of the range—and that their followers will endorse it, too.Welcome to visit my Coach Outlet Online store: http://official.uscoachoutletbags.com

A die-hard supporter of the Made in America movement


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